Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. signs exclusive global licence agreement with Renaissance BioScience Corp.

Yichang, China and Vancouver, Canada — Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., a Shanghai Stock Exchange listed company (SSE:600298), has signed a global licence agreement with Renaissance BioScience Corp. to exclusively manufacture and supply the Renaissance novel, patent-protected yeast portfolio for the wine, cider and craft beer industries worldwide, starting in Q4/2017. “We’re extremely pleased to expand our relationship with Renaissance. Over the past four years, Renaissance has developed and successfully commercialized a range of world-class yeast strains for wine and cider, and we are excited to become their exclusive manufacturing and distribution partner going forward for these successful products,” said Mr. Wu Zhaohui, Vice President of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. “Importantly, Angel will be the exclusive global partner with Renaissance to introduce an exciting new line of premium beer yeast for the rapidly growing global craft beer industry. Renaissance\n has been an excellent business partner and we’re looking forward to working together to build this expanding beverage yeast business.”

Dr. Cormac O’Cleirigh, Chief Business Development Officer for Renaissance BioScience, commented, “Angel Yeast is a leading yeast company with world-class production and a global distribution reach far beyond its home markets in China and the Asia Pacific region. This agreement is the natural evolution\n of our ongoing relationship with Angel Yeast and with it we’re taking the next step to work more closely with them to bring new yeast to market in the craft beer industry, as well as continue the impressive growth we’ve seen in the wine and cider industries over the past four years.”

Renaissance’s novel hydrogen sulfide-preventing wine, cider and craft beer yeasts have generated significant commercial interest in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia/New Zealand. All Renaissance yeasts are patent-protected and were developed using classical non-GMO techniques. Under the agreement, Renaissance will work with Angel to fully commercialize the existing wine, cider and craft beer yeast portfolio, and bring new and exciting strains to the market in the coming years.

About Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.

Angel Yeast is a leading high-tech yeast company specializing in the production and global supply of high-qualtiy yeast, yeast derivatives, nutritional\n health products, and bio-feed additives for use in food, beverage, nutrition and biofuel industries. The company, which was founded in 1986, is headquartered in Yichang, China and has production facilities in China, Egypt and Russia. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Angel Yeast provides products and services in more than 140 countries and employs morethan 5,000 people worldwide. Detailed information can be accessed at:

About Renaissance BioScience Corp.

Renaissance BioScience Corp., based in Vancouver, Canada, is a privately held applied life sciences company that develops novel, yeast-based, patent-protected technologies for the global food, beverage and nutrition industries. The wholly owned commercial subsidiaries of Renaissance BioScience Corp. include Renaissance Yeast Inc., which commercializes H2S-preventing wine and cider yeast; Bright Brewers Yeast Inc., which commercializes beer yeast technologies and Renaissance Ingredients Inc., which commercializes acrylamide-reducing yeast. Detailed information about the Renaissance group of companies can be accessed at

安琪酵母股份有限公司与Renaissance Bioscience 有限公司就葡萄酒、苹 果酒以及精酿啤酒酵母菌签署全球独家许可协议

中国宜昌与加拿大温哥华-2018 年1 月18 日-国家重点高新技术企业安琪酵母股份有限公司(上海证券交易 所上市公司,600298)已与拥有世界领先酵母技术的Renaissance Bioscience 有限公司签署全球许可协议,从 2017 年第四季度开始将独家生产和在全球范围内向葡萄酒、苹果酒以及精酿啤酒行业供应Renaissance\n 的新型 并有专利保护的酵母菌产品。

安琪酵母副总经理吴朝晖先生表示:“我们非常高兴能够扩展与Renaissance 的合作关系。在过去四年中,Renaissance 已成功开发并商业化了一系列世界级的葡萄酒与苹果酒酵母菌产品。我们很高兴能够成为他们这 些成功产品的独家生产和分销的合作伙伴。重要的是,安琪酵母将成为Renaissance 的全球独家合作伙伴,为 迅速发展的全球精酿啤酒行业引进一系列令人兴奋的优质啤酒酵母。Renaissance 一直是非常优秀的商业合作 伙伴,我们非常期待与其共同合作建立并推动这个正在不断扩大的饮料酵母业务。”

Renaissance Bioscience 业务开发总监Cormac O’Cleirigh 博士表示:“安琪酵母是一家全球领先的酵母公司,拥有世界一流的生产能力和远超出其在中国本土市场和亚太地区的全球化销售网络。这份协议是我们与安 琪酵母持续合作关系的自然演变,同时它促进双方更加密切合作将新型酵母推广到精酿啤酒行业,并继续 保持其过去四年在葡萄酒和苹果酒行业的高速增长速度。”

Renaissance 的新型无硫化氢葡萄酒、苹果酒以及精酿啤酒酵母菌已在欧洲、亚洲、南北美洲、非洲和澳大利 亚/新西兰引起了巨大的商业兴趣。所有Renaissance 的酵母菌株都是使用经典的非转基因技术开发,并受专利 保护。根据协议,Renaissance 将与安琪酵母合作将现有的葡萄酒、苹果酒和精酿啤酒酵母产品组合全面商业 化,并在接下来几年里不断给市场带来新的、令人振奋的酵母菌株。


安琪酵母是一家领先的、拥有高新技术的酵母公司,专业致力于优质酵母、酵母衍生产品、营养健康产品和生 物饲料添加剂的生产以及为食品、饮料、营养和生物能源行业提供其产品的全球化供应。安琪酵母成立于1986 年,总部位于中国宜昌,在中国、埃及和俄罗斯设有生产基地。公司已于上海证券交易所上市,其产品和服务 遍布140 多个国家,在全球拥有超过5000 位员工。

关于Renaissance Bioscience 有限公司

Renaissance Bioscience 有限公司是一家位于加拿大温哥华的私人持有的应用生命科学公司,专业致力于为全 球食品、饮料和营养行业开发新型的、受专利保护的酵母开发技术。Renaissance Bioscience 有限公司全资的 商业子公司包括Renaissance\n Yeast、Bright Brewers Yeast 和Renaissance Ingredient 有限责任公司。Renaissance Yeast 负责无硫化氢葡萄酒和苹果酒酵母的商业化,Bright Brewer Yeast 致力于啤酒酵母技术的 商业化,Renaissance\n Ingredients 则主营降丙烯酰胺酵母的商业化。有关Renaissance Bioscience 有限公司的 更多详细信息,请访问

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