Renaissance BioScience files PCT Patent Application for Yeast-based RNA Bioactive Molecule Production and Delivery Technology Platform

Vancouver, Canada – May 16, 2019 – Renaissance BioScience Corp., a leading biological engineering company, is pleased to announce the filing on May 8, 2019 of a PCT patent application for a yeast platform technology that produces and delivers RNA bioactive molecules. This follows a provisional patent filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 9, 2018.

Renaissance BioScience is developing a yeast-based RNAi production and delivery technology platform for use in biocontrol and/or biotherapeutic applications. Use of this platform technology as a biopesticide may augment or replace industrial chemical pesticides in many different agricultural applications, as well as form the basis of an animal and human biotherapeutics production and delivery platform.

“Our patent application is a significant milestone event in the research and development of our yeast-based RNAi production and delivery technology,” said Dr. Matthew Dahabieh, Chief Science Officer for Renaissance BioScience. “Although much work remains to be done, this is an exciting achievement for RNAi technology in biocontrol, biopesticides and biotherapeutics, and we look forward to advancing our technology.”

Using a yeast-based platform is favourable, as yeast produced and delivered RNAi effectors are protected from degradation in any given application environment. Moreover, yeast can be administered easily by feeding, and yeast is consumed by many insect, livestock and aquaculture species, as well as humans. Additionally, yeast is easy and inexpensive to produce, and is a ubiquitous, safe and well-understood microorganism.

About RNA Interference

RNA interference (RNAi) is a well-characterized biological process that uses inherent cellular machinery to inhibit expression of target genes in an organism in response to treatment with specific RNA effectors. RNAi is a promising modality for biocontrol and biotherapeutics and has broad potential applications within the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. However, current RNAi technologies face significant challenges in terms of delivery mechanisms that can provide consistent stability and targeting of RNAi effectors, especially in agricultural applications.

About Renaissance BioScience Corp.

Renaissance BioScience Corp., based in Vancouver, Canada, is privately held, global, industry leading biological engineering company. Renaissance develops functional, market-ready microorganisms for the global food and beverage, agriculture, chemicals, and healthcare industries. Detailed information about Renaissance BioScience can be accessed at

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