Renaissance Yeast Inc. to Exhibit New Hydrogen Sulfide-Preventing Yeast Strain at Unified 2015

Vancouver, BC — Renaissance Yeast Inc. is pleased toannounce that it will attend and exhibit at the 2015 Unified Wine &Grape Symposium being held January 27-29 at the Sacramento ConventionCenter in California. Dr. John Husnik, Renaissance CEO, and theRenaissance team will exhibit with Gusmer Enterprises, the company’sexclusive US and Canadian distributor, in booth #1004.  

The Unified 2015 Wine & Grape Symposium( is the largest wine and grape tradeshow and conference in the United States, featuring more than 700exhibitors and over 14,000 attendees last year. As part of itsactivities at Unified, Renaissance Yeast will be offering free trialsample packs of its Vivace and Andante hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-preventingwine yeasts to Unified attendees.  All the company’s yeasts arenaturally developed and non-GMO. 

The company currently offers two white and two red H2S-preventing yeasts(as well as organic yeasts) and will introduce at Unified an excitingnew H2S-preventing yeast bred specifically for the Pinot Noir varietal.Like all Renaissance wine yeasts, this new yeast will enable wineproducers to both prevent hydrogen sulfide contamination andsimultaneously enhance their wine’s complexity and aroma.

“Unified presents an opportunity for Renaissance and Gusmer to meet withthe many winemakers and producers who attend this important tradeshow,” said Dr. John Husnik, CEO of Renaissance Yeast. He added,“Renaissance will also introduce and launch our latest H2S-preventingwine yeast for the Pinot Noir varietal to winemakers in the US andglobal wine markets. We think our Pinot Noir yeast will be very wellreceived by winemakers in the US and around the world.” 
Hydrogen sulfide is a well-known sensory contaminant resulting fromtraditional yeast fermentation that leads to remediation cost andquality challenges for winemakers and alcoholic beverage makersworldwide.  Our classically developed H2S-preventing yeast technology isnon-GMO and fully protected and patented by the University ofCalifornia. Renaissance is the exclusive global license holder. 

About Renaissance Yeast Inc.

Renaissance Yeast Inc. ( is focused on thedevelopment and commercialization of the exclusively licensed, patentedH2S-preventing yeast technology discovered by Dr. Linda Bisson of theUniversity of California, Davis. Renaissance Yeast is responsible forglobal sales, marketing and technical support of the Renaissance familyof classically developed H2S-preventing wine yeast strains.  The companyalso has an extensive research program on new yeast strain developmentfor wines, cider, beer and other yeast-fermented alcoholic beverages.   

For more information please contact:

Dante Phillips
Renaissance Yeast Inc.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 822-6499

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