Renaissance Yeast Introduces Ossia Organic Wine Yeast - For White, Red, and Fruit Wines

Vancouver, BC —  Renaissance Yeast Inc. is pleased to introduce Ossia Organic, the newest addition to its family of classically bred hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-preventingwine yeast strains, to organic winemakers worldwide. Ideal for red,white, and fruit wines, Ossia will be welcomed by winemakers as anexciting new advance in organic winemaking.

Ossia (from the Italian phrase o sia or ‘let it be’) is a natural, non-GMO, wine yeast strain that has been selected for its inability to produce H2S during fermentation; simultaneously eliminating this potential source of H2S contamination and enabling the full aroma and complex character of the vintage to develop unhindered.

“Making an all-natural organic wine can sometimes present challenges. One of these is H2Sand its associated character faults that cannot be minimized byconventional means,” said Dr. John Husnik, CEO of Renaissance Yeast.“Like all of Renaissance’s premium-quality wine yeasts, Ossia allows theorganic winemaker to enhance their wine’s complexity and aroma whilealso preventing hydrogen sulfide contamination of the vintage.”

Husnik notes that even in small amounts, hydrogen sulfide can maskthe wine’s flavor and aroma: “Hydrogen sulfide is a natural by-productof every yeast fermentation that, even at minute amounts undetectable bythe winemaker, can mask the wine’s full flavor and complexity. Removingit opens the wine up to a level winemakers will notice and appreciateright away.”

In organic winemaking, traditional methods of remediating hydrogensulfide, such as adding inorganic diammonium phosphate to the must orusing inorganic copper sulphate, are not allowed. Ossia, therefore, isan innovative, all-natural solution to the hydrogen sulfide problem inorganic winemaking.

Hydrogen sulfide is a well-known sensory contaminant resulting fromtraditional yeast fermentation that introduces otherwise avoidableremediation costs and quality challenges for winemakers and alcoholicbeverage makers worldwide. Renaissance’s classically bred H2S-preventingyeasts are non-GMO and fully protected and patented by the Universityof California. Renaissance is the exclusive global license holder.

About Renaissance Yeast Inc.

Renaissance Yeast Inc. ( is focused on the development and commercialization of the exclusively licensed, patented H2S-preventingyeast technology discovered by Dr. Linda Bisson of the University ofCalifornia, Davis. Renaissance Yeast is responsible for global sales,marketing, and technical support of the Renaissance family ofclassically developed, non-GMO H2S-preventing wine yeaststrains. The company also has an extensive research program on new yeaststrain development for wine, cider, beer, and other yeast-fermentedalcoholic beverages.

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