Renaissance Yeast Introduces Two New Wine Yeast Strains for the Southern Hemisphere Harvest

Vancouver, Canada — Renaissance Yeast Inc. is pleased to introduce two premium wine yeast strains to winemakers in the Southern Hemisphere in time for the upcoming harvest. Brioso and Ossia Organic are the newest additions to the Renaissance family of classically bred hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-preventing wine yeast. Brioso is selected specifically for Pinot Noir while Ossia Organic represents an exciting advance in organic winemaking offering the versatility to perform well with all varietals.

Brioso (pronounced bree-oh-so) is an Italian musical term meaning to perform with vigor, spirit, jest, and energy, i.e. to make a composition full of life. As its name suggests, Brioso specializes in enhancing the fruity flavors and aromas that bring wine to life. This makes it suited to producing high-quality, complex, and spicy red wines, and ideal for making Pinot Noir. Brioso is a classically bred wine yeast strain that has been naturally selected for its inability to produce H2S during fermentation. This greatly reduces the risk of H2S contaminating the wine, which allows the wine’s natural aromatic notes to be expressed.

“Our premium-quality Brioso H2S-preventing yeast has been very well received by Pinot Noir winemakers around the world,” said Dr. John Husnik, CEO of Renaissance Yeast. “Like all of Renaissance’s yeast strains, Brioso lets Pinot Noir producers prevent hydrogen sulfide contamination of their vintage, while simultaneously enhancing the wine’s sensory attributes.”

Ossia Organic will be welcomed by winemakers as an exciting new advance in organic winemaking. Like Brioso, Ossia (from the Italian phrase o sia or “let it be”) does not produce H2S during fermentation. This eliminates a potential source of H2Scontamination, while allowing the full aroma and character of the vintage to develop unhindered.

Traditional methods of remediating hydrogen sulfide, such as adding inorganic diammonium phosphate to the must or using inorganic copper sulphate, are prohibited in organic winemaking. This makes Ossia an all-natural solution to the hydrogen sulfide problem for organic wine producers.

“Making an all-natural organic wine can sometimes present challenges. One of these is H2S and its associated character faults, which cannot be minimized by conventional means,” said Dr. Husnik. “Ossia lets organic winemakers enhance their wine’s complexity and aroma while also preventing hydrogen sulfide from contaminating the vintage.”

About Renaissance Yeast Inc.

Renaissance Yeast Inc. is focused on the development and commercialization of the exclusively licensed, patented H2S-preventing yeast technology discovered by Dr. Linda Bisson of the University of California, Davis. Renaissance Yeast is responsible for global sales, marketing, and technical support of the Renaissance family of classically bred, non-GMO H2S-preventing wine yeast strains. The company also has an extensive research program centred on new yeast strain development for wine, cider, beer, and other yeast-fermented alcoholic beverages.

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